B$D 57:

Are Your Investments Aligned with Your Values?

May 07, 2019

You want to have confidence in where your investment dollars are going. It doesn’t feel good at all to find out that your money is being invested in...

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You want to have confidence in where your investment dollars are going. It doesn’t feel good at all to find out that your money is being invested in ways that don’t align with your values. This episode continues our focus on Sustainable Investing, which began in Episode 56. In today’s show, we dive deeper into sustainable investing, what it is, and how you can be sure your investments align with your values.

Show Highlights:

  • “Sustainable” means transparent, measurable factors that can be tracked as far as whether a company is improving in areas like greenhouse gas emissions, land use and biodiversity, toxic spills, and more.
  • For sustainability to be measurable, it has to be data-driven and factual
  • There is a difference in sustainable and socially responsible (we’ll talk more about this in our next episode).
  • The primary consideration is the environmental impact
  • Why we like the dimensional approach because it reduces the exposure to stocks of companies with less sustainable business practices
  • How it IS possible to evaluate a company based on these criteria
  • As always, you should maintain broad diversification in companies with strong sustainability practices from different industries, companies, regions, and market capitalizations.
  • Follow the same investment rules and don’t sacrifice return
  • Why most people operate on the impulse to screen out the companies they don’t like
  • How these companies are “scored” on variables, and a higher score means more progress toward the goal of cleaning up these problems areas
  • Be sure you understand the criteria that are used in measuring what’s important to you


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