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How to Become a Better Investor: Part 2

Despite common belief, short-term investing isn’t the most profitable method. While it’s tempting to play the market “safe” and to undertake the risk of trying to outguess the market, it’s unlikely anyone can successfully do so.


There are many other methods in which you will see higher returns long-term, and Kate Stalter shares them in this episode. If you want to become a better investor, live the life you deserve after retirement, and receive the returns you deserve, tune into this episode of Better Money Decisions with your host, Kate Stalter.

Show Highlights:

  • Why attempting to outguess the market isn’t rational
  • Throwing short term thinking out the window
  • Why picking cash isn’t the best method for investing
  • Calculating returns and comparing mutual funds
  • Taking advantage of public information
  • Having higher risk exposure and settling for a lower return
  • Getting the return you need to live the life you want after retirement

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