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How to Be a Philanthropist with Arlene Cogen

Many people think you have to be a multimillionaire or have diamonds in the bank to give charitably but that just isn’t the case. Arlene Cogen is a philanthropist, the author of the Amazon bestselling book, Give to Live, and is passionate about improving human welfare.


Show Highlights:

  • Moving from a career from Wall-street to a more traditional career
  • Finding a career that brings fulfillment
  • Consulting a career coach and networking
  • The disconnect between platforms and the gap in communication
  • Who should be considering philanthropic giving
  • Improving human welfare
  • Tactics to set up a significant charitable gift
  • Limiting objections to making donations
  • Determining the key thing that is restricting you from giving
  • What multi-generational giving means
  • The inspiration behind writing “Give to Live”
  • How to get started in giving and identifying core values
  • Creating donor designated funds
  • Tracking and monitoring your giving



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Give to Live: Make A Charitable Gift You Never Imagined

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