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How to Be a Better Investor

There are many factors that make up a good investor. Learning how to work the market without making hasty assumptions, attempting to outguess the market, and managing your emotions can take years, but it doesn’t have to.


In this episode, Kate Stalter introduces helpful strategies that will be further discussed on upcoming episodes. We’ll discuss important resources, such as credible sources for market statistics, how to eradicate emotions from investment decisions, and how to hold the right mix of assets. To learn more about how you can pursue a better investment experience, tune into this episode of Better Money Decisions with financial expert, Kate Stalter.

Show Highlights:

  • Why chaos in the market shouldn’t deter investors
  • Avoiding trying to outguess the market
  • Resisting chasing past performance
  • Not giving in to emotions to experience returns
  • Stocks vs. Bonds
  • How small companies outperform larger corporations
  • Keeping bonds short term and high-credit quality
  • Smart diversification
  • Staying updated with market-timing
  • Managing your emotions
  • Not listening to the media to make your investments
  • Managing personal expenses
  • Staying disciplined throughout market dips and swings

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