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The Way You Feel About Money Impacts Your Financial Decisions

Today’s guest, Stephen Daney, has been helping people to manage their debt and also to manage some of their emotional issues around money, for a really long time.

Kate points out that lately, there is more awareness about the effect that the way that people feel about money has on their financial behavior. Listen in today and find out more about how your thoughts and feelings impact on your financial decisions.

Stephen, who is also part of the team at Better Money Decisions, has a fascinating and a rather unusual background for a Financial Advisor. He started out living in a monastery, where money is not really dealt with at all. This lead him to think about the role and purpose of money in people’s lives, so he started working with people who were having to borrow money at higher rates. Looking at their habits and money management practices, he began to formulate a way to inspire people to change the way they think about and manage money, as it all begins with a mindset and feelings. Stephen developed a systematic way to help people to understand those thoughts and feelings and to manage their money more effectively. His system eventually matured into what he now calls The Life Money Mastery Program. Listen in today and find out how you can change the way you think about your money and make better financial decisions.

Today, Stephen talks to Kate about:

  • The role of emotions when it comes to money decisions.
  • American people’s attitudes towards people who have lots of money.
  • How people tend to judge themselves when they inherit money.
  • His Financial Biography and how that works.
  • How people often tend to have contradictory attitudes within themselves, about money.
  • Some of the things he brought from his Buddhist training to his financial practice.
  • Establishing good and simple money management and money counting practices.
  • The importance of establishing regular habits of attending to your finances.
  • Getting out of your mind– establishing your financial habits so that you no longer need to think or worry about them.
  • The importance of exploring the things that are important to you.
  • That many practices today don’t really work because they tend to be rather shallow.
  • His really practical approach to finances.
  • Bringing people’s awareness to a point where it’s serving their greater life purpose and their greater life goals.
  • That he works with whichever value system is held by the person seeking his help.
  • How people tend to get stuck in their belief system and that awareness can help them to overcome this.
  • How he helps people to stay on track, with their practices.
  • Old dynamics around finances that both women and men need to change in their lives.
  • How you can get started with Stephen’sThe Life Money Mastery Program.



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