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Repurpose Your Career With a Pivot with Marc Miller

Listen in today and find out how you can take some small steps to land just where you want to be, and transition to doing what you love.


The guest on today’s show is Marc Miller, founder of Career Pivot, a company that helps people to move forward into a new career in small practical steps, landing them where they want to be. Mark has had an interesting career journey. He left his position at IBM in 2000, after working there for twenty two years and then had various thriving tech startups. He subsequently had what he describes as a painful stint as a high school teacher and also did a gig, raising funds for the Jewish Community Association of Austin- as a non-Jew. Later, he had a near fatal bicycle accident, which changed his perspective forever.

On today’s show, Marc talks about his bicycle accident and how it lead his doing what he does today. He also explains how he helps people to make the transition to doing what they love. Listen in today and find out how you can take some small steps to land just where you want to be.

Today Marc talks to Kate about:

  • His accident and how it happened.
  • How this accident changed his perspective.
  • His multi-cultural approach to life.
  • The processes involved with Career Pivot.
  • One of his interns as an example to demonstrate how the Pivot works as a multi- step process.
  • That he’s actually a closet introvert- how he’s learned to behave like an extrovert.
  • Stealth Competitors– what they are.
  • Changing who you are because it will pay you more.
  • Helping closet creatives to find their niche.
  • The value in using Restorative Niches.
  • The emotions involved in the transition from one career to another.
  • The revised version of his book, Repurpose Your Career- A Practical Guide For Baby Boomers.


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